Yuri wants to go Bora Bora Island for her honeymoon

SNSD Fansite uploaded the translated Dior CF interview/note yesterday.

It’s funny that Yuri was reading a book after the girls got into the studio and Hyoyeon made fun of her: “why are you pretending to be reading a book?”

Oh Kim choding, don’t you know one of woori Yuri’s hobbies is reading?

See her profile posted in your new open Japanese website:

Clearly reading is her first priority, even prior than dancing!



And she even read during the flight to Phuket!


Alright, I doubt either, kekeke.

Oh hope she can talk more about what books she is reading. I’ll go read all of them! (English ver. if any… orz)


Sunny’s home is in SF! Of which I’m surprised. Rarely hear she speaking English though.
Yuri went to Bali with her family during the New Year vacation. It was witnessed by some fans who happened to be there, and was reported that her mom politely refused their request of taking photos with her. Ssica said she went to Bali too! Wonder if they met there ^^

Sooyoung wants to go Greece, Hyoyeon wants to go Prague (very like her cool style!), and Yuri wants to go “Bora Bora Island” for her honeymoon. No clue what this girl is talking about… Where is it?

Google… it’s located in the middle of the ocean….

So Bora Bora Island is belonged to French Polynesia; famous Tahiti is just part of the Society Islands.
Nice choice! I wanna go Tahiti too. (have slim hopes)

And Sunny wanna go Hawaii, Tiffany chooses Mexico Cabo, and Ssica likes cities rather than resorts. She has never been to Europe and thinking of Milan or Florence. Each is perfect for you our fashion queen!


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