1st Arena Tour Concert in Japan

(Before posting I just wanna say, don’t know how people think about it but, the images of most SNSD cosplay in the world make me ill…orz…horrible…)

Ok, the schedule of the tour in Japan everybody gazes at is published.

2011/05/18 (Wed) ~ 19 (Thu)
東京 – 国立代々木競技場第1体育館

2011/05/21 (Sat) ~ 22 (Sun)
愛知・名古屋 – 日本ガイシホール

2011/05/24 (Tue) ~ 25 (Wed)
大阪 – 大阪城ホール

2011/05/28 (Sat)
福岡 – マリンメッセ福岡

I’m almost crying. The tour will end in May means I get no chance to attend even the last one in Fukuoka… (deep, deep sigh..

And it’ll be an all-out solo concert!!!!

Yuriaaaaaaaaaaaahh (cry out


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