Ladies & Gentlemen SNSD – Vogue Korea

Seems like SNSD Dior team is taking some fashion shoot for Dior’s new print ads?

It was thought to be another photo shoot for new Dior ads, but it turns out now for the magazine Vogue Korea.
And it’s titled “Boys meet Girls,” ha.

Yuri, Sooyoung, and Sica transform to cool modern guys and Hyoyeon, Sunny, and Tiffany become…Ladies GaGa!

Preview how handsome Sooyoung and yuppie Sica are!

It’s funny Sooyoung describes she (her transformation) is just the tip of the iceberg. They seem a little bit embarrassed about their modern look, haha. Yuri asks creepy Hyoyeon for not being too close to her, and then soon attacked by Sunny standing at her left side:” oi Yuri, so you think you’re not creepy?!”

Sica also denies Tiffany’s claim “we’re girl’s generation.” XDDDD

Don’t be shy, Yuri, your manly look is ultimately handsome!

(In the final part of the interview, Sica praised Sooyoung is prettier than her older sister; when Sooyoung eulogized her reciprocally, Sica blushed a scarlet-red and her reaction gesture was so cute!!


지금은 광고시대!

Yuri says so. XDDDDDD

It seems they are extremely busy filming various CF!

And next one is Lipton Tea?! OH I’mma have a cup of Lipton tea right now! (go kitchen)


Here, Mr. Taxi!


No doubt Mr. Taxi is the new song coming with RDR gonna release at Apr 13th!



SNSD impresses the staff recording Vita500 CF

Our girls won high praise from the staff recording Vita500 CF. The staff was shown wearing impressed expression at their true beauty, courtesy, and bubbly personality while working with them.

And wooriYuri was described as radiant with health; her charming smile was just convincing! Also she was complimented on her excellent character

Vita500 CF making of

A couple of days ago, it was reported that our 9 girls were filming a new CF for energy beverage Vita500. The point is, Each of the bottles will come wrapped in INDIVIDUAL SNSD labels.

That means you can buy a 100ml energy beverage with Yuri’s smile on it!! Oh my!

The CF making of releases today, and this is Yuri’s part:

(will upload subed version if any)


Watch other versions here

I can’t help spazzing!

SNSD sells. I’m willing to believe that the sales of Vita500 can beat Coke’s in Korea…