Invincible Sica!

Who can resist such a peach-like girl? You?


Her existence is a blessedness, even better with this mischievous look!


Fighting Taengoo!

It says that Taeyeon ever got nose bleeding in a fight when she was a little girl, and obviously she was tough and bold!

Our Taengoo is definitely not an ignorant young lady who only cries for help or swallows an insult. To anyone, who dares to offend her or any of the girls, like that shameless male sunbae in the story she revealed in Strong Heart (091222),  get this!

Love this Taeyeon the kid leader all my heart!  XDDDD



Oh yea, if she likes you, she’ll just….

Soori – Kkok

Kkok is the OST of a Korean drama “Working Mom” sung by Yuri and Sooyoung.

So irresistible Yuri’s lovely voice is ♡♡♡

And this is the funniest fan made video about Soori couple (BGM: Kkok) I’ve ever watched. I laugh so hard again and again…



But don’t think they are just funny and extremely violent! They’re actually lovely and impeccable gorgeous!