Always have great fun watching the most famous sub-plot about Yuri and Taewoo opa in Invincible Youth.

Taewoo never gives up courting Yuri openly; he fights for all the chances to get, if she would reveal any, her kindness, no matter how other members make the complaints. It is so interesting to see Yuri responding him with a wry smile mixing shyness, delight, tenseness, and reluctance. She is both amused and annoyed, haha~

(Yuri: My mom told me never believed in any man who asked if you trusted them or not.)

However, many thanks to Taewoo opa for his struggle really bringing us a lot of chances to enjoy Yuri’s aegyo in the show.

Don’t know if he keeps contact with Yuri after she left or not. Though Yuri’s mom states a truth, keke, he could be still a nice opa and good friend with Yuri I think.