SNSD impresses the staff recording Vita500 CF

Our girls won high praise from the staff recording Vita500 CF. The staff was shown wearing impressed expression at their true beauty, courtesy, and bubbly personality while working with them.

And wooriYuri was described as radiant with health; her charming smile was just convincing! Also she was complimented on her excellent character


YongSeo couple

I watched several very first episodes then stopped. Seriously, I wasn’t very into their progressing story, feeling that filming this show benefited Yonghwa most- granted the right of seeing pure, beautiful, angel-liked Seohyun just because a TV show says so?! I agreed Yonghwa was also a talented handsome guy, but it was just making it too easy for him though. Thus he could frivolously tease her at the very beginning by playing the silly game of “guessing who is your husband?” without being worried that she might just go away.

But I’m impressed by CNBlue’s songs after knowing him. Although it doesn’t make me want to pick the following episodes up, I can certainly “forgive” him for he is only a boy in his early 20s.

However, hooo…

After seeing this picture, my god, it’s the first time I sincerely hope them to see each other truly!

I’m sick…..orz